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11+ Familiarisation 2016

Please find below the two links that were discussed at the 11+ familiarisation session parents meeting.  Instructions for using fronter can be found below.

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dates and times of the 11+ Familiarisation sessions 2016

Thursday 9th June:  4pm – 5pm

Thursday 16th June:  4pm – 5pm

Thursday 23rd June:  4pm – 5pm

Thursday 30th June:  4pm – 5pm

 What to do when you arrive for the sessions

Please sign your daughter in at reception at the allocated desk for her group (A,B,C or D) and ensure that a parent/ guardian is there to collect her at 5pm. Please let us know if you have made arrangements with another parent/guardian for collection. If your daughter is unable to attend one of the sessions, please contact

Instructions how to access 11+familiarisation resources on fronter

Instructions for accessing Fronter:

·         Follow the link on the website.

·         Use the Log in details provided at the meeting, ensuring that all capital letters and spaces are included.

·         When the website has loaded, click on the ‘Rooms’ tab in the top left hand corner of the page, then select ‘Display all rooms’.

·         You should then see a list of two rooms appear and the one you want to click on is ’11 plus tuition’.

·         From here, select ‘Student Resources’ on the left hand side of the screen in which you will find the folders for English and Maths.

·         If you click on each subject respectively, you will find resources in the folders and, for English, the PowerPoint presentations used in each session (published after the session).