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Halloween Story Competition

The school library is holding a spooky competition! M Stanbrook writes to tell you more.

October 31st is known most commonly for treats, sweets and groovy costumes. The pumpkins come out, and this year so do the creative minds of the SHSG students. As part of the school library, teamed with the English department, a massive prize of £20 worth of books is on offer to any student who can create the spookiest library-themed short story. The competition has already started and final products must be submitted by the end of October. Students have all half term to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards to give all our teachers the fright of their lives. 

The stories have to be between 350 and 1000 words and has been designed to get all the students, especially year 7s to become more involved in the library environment. The school’s archive holds over 1100 books across all different genres, so there really is something for everybody. The library is open daily from 8:00 to 16:30 and everyone is welcome. Even if you’re not a library regular, our school’s library is always hosting events and trying to raise money for new books and updates like these so it is always best to keep a look out for these events - we always welcome your help!

All information on the short story event is dotted around on posters throughout the school, so don’t be afraid to have a look and get writing! Not just this but in celebration of this increasingly popular celebration of the dead, fun games, quizzes, and even a trick or treat cauldron will be featured within the library. All the best spooky books and scary novels will be put together in a library display amongst cobwebs, pumpkins and of course sweets!