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Up to Date with Chiana

Chiana P brings you up to date with the world of music!

Album Review: Nothing But Thieves

Local band, Nothing But Thieves have got their second album, ‘Broken Machine’, to the number 2 spot in the UK charts! I was lucky enough to be at the album signing on release day and since then, various fans have described it as packed with 'catchy tunes and miss-matched sounds that shouldn't go, but they do’. You will be captured at first listen!

Single Review: Niall Horan

Directioners listen up! Ex 1D boy, Niall Horan has released his new single ‘Too Much To Ask’ and it’s a good one! Calming and full of emotion, this new track is laid back and easy listening… it will be stuck in your head for days!

Video Review: Swift's Comeback Decoded

You may already know that Taylor Swift has re-entered the music scene, and the rumours behind this comeback are swirling, so here’s 3 things you may not know about ‘Look What You Made Me Do’:

1) The tank tops saying ‘I love TS’ are actually a dig at Tom Hiddleston, her ex, as he wore one similar on her birthday when they were dating.

2) The many Taylors at the end of the video are her joking about herself, and ‘Award Taylor’ is seen saying her famous line that she said in her speech against Kanye West ‘ I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative…’ … so which one of the many is the real Taylor Swift? (Did you spot the Taylor standing on the wing of the plane in the background?!)

3) The cheetah/leopard print clothing is a symbol of Katy Perry and her mimicking her due to their ongoing feud.