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The Life of a Year 7!

A group of year 7 students have been writing about their first couple of months at SHSG!

On the 5th of September, 180 new girls joined the SHSG family and began a new chapter of their lives, or as we call it, turning over a new leaf. The new Year 7s were getting ready for the time of their lives with so many opportunities laying ahead of them. 

Two months have passed and the girls are starting to settle in (despite getting lost a few times) regardless of the fact the school is very different to their previous primary schools and the fact that the school is humongous!

We interviewed a few of the new students and got their opinion of the school:

Yemisi O, 7D, said her first day was quite awesome as even though she wasn't used to the environment. 

Suraya G, 7F, said her first day was amazing and she met some new friends. 

Maya E, 7F, said her first day was really exciting but a bit she was a bit nervous too and she wasn’t used to the change.