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Up to Date with Chiana #3

Chiana gives us the round-up from the world of music!

Album - 2017 saw the 10th anniversary of my favourite album at present, Favourite Worst Nightmare by the Arctic Monkeys. This album is jam-packed full of the craziest bass lines in tracks such as Fluorescent Adolescent and Balaclava in amongst a great mix of songs that do the band justice! Effervescent and explosive, this whole album will have any room dancing in no time. The Arctic Monkeys are set to release their sixth studio album very soon and have already started dropping hints… I, for one, can’t wait!

Single - Local talent, Harry Gardner released his new single, and the next track from his EP (’New Times Roman’) titled Younger at the end of January. Clearly inspired by Ed Sheeran, Harry has a way with words that make him stand out from the crowd: after the release of Not Alone in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK (following his discovery on BGT last year) it became clear to me that Harry was going to be one to watch in the music industry. It's quite rare to find an artist whose lyrics touch so many people’s hearts of all ages and Harry is one of them. When you can relate to a song, for me, is one of the best feelings and I know for so many people this song will bring back a flood of different memories regarding their childhood:

“Harry seems such a genuine person who writes from the heart… it is very catchy and for me was very relatable… even little things like the mention of kiss chase made me smile – I love it!” – My Nan!!

Live Lounge - BBC Radio One released their Live Lounge 2017 disc just around Christmas, but there is one track that really stands out for me: Royal Blood’s cover of My Sharona. This song has always been a favourite of mine but this cover of it is just so incredible. The British band have a very distinctive sound: distorted bass and echoed vocals.

Compared to the original by ‘The Knack’, it is much rockier; the bass isn’t as funky, but instead is quite gruff with the tell-tale distortion on bass and they have also increased the speed. To me, the Royal Blood version is more to the point, so to speak, as it doesn’t include the guitar solos and long instrumentals in-between verses. They also added in a very effective pause at the end just before doing a short last instrumental of about five seconds. 

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