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Up to Date with Chiana #4

Chiana gives us an insight about Southend's local music!

The Trusted – Vicious EP 

Local sensations ‘The Trusted’ bring together their charisma, undoubtable talent and skill in one place. All four tracks have previously been released on various platforms, however, mastered and tweaked to perfection, they offer an insight into the professional future of ‘The Trusted’. The control over the production of the tracks is a true reflection of how the band consistently stay true to themselves. From the beginning, ‘The Trusted’ have had a way of captivating an audience: enthusiasm, energy, technicality and memorable are just some of the words fans have used to describe them and their music. 


Beyond Extinction – Retribution EP 

‘Beyond Extinction’ have certainly made an impact with their debut release. Even if metal is not your typical kind of music, this EP will open your eyes to a different style. The skill and talent shown by the five musicians is incredible: the friendship between them comes across not only on stage, but via the completely flawless teamwork on the EP, as demonstrated especially by guitarist, Zach, and drummer, Niall, in ‘Force of Retribution’. 


Leo C – Turtles EP 

An older quality to Leo’s music transports the listener back to a carefree time in their lives while still being right up to date. Guaranteed to have your toe tapping in seconds, the EP is a blend of indie, folk and a hint of blues: a combination that shouldn’t normally work, but it does. Leo’s unique voice brings it all together in a very current and original way. 


Fraser Cattini – Canned Sardines EP 

Upon first listen, Fraser’s distinctive tone becomes apparent. He has a unique way of addressing serious issues while using iconic references and conveying his witty humour: his empathetic way with words is portrayed from start to finish. With influences such as Bob Dylan and Elliott Smith, Fraser’s melancholy yet captivating tone is a true reflection of his inspirations while still staying true to himself.