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Sixth Form Application - September 2019

We are still accepting applications from external students to our Sixth Form for September 2019. To apply, please complete the form below.

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We will communicate with you about your application via email. Please provide a valid email address which you will have regular access to throughout the application process.

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A Level Options

Most students will study three A Levels. Some will study four depending on their GCSE results. Please select the subjects you wish to study from the option blocks below. You can only choose one subject from each option block and select a maximum of four options. If you do not wish to study a subject in an option block, you must select 'No Option'.

Students wishing to study Further Maths must select four A levels - one of which must be Maths.
Please note that you cannot choose both Business Studies AND Economics as part of your subject combination due to similarities in course content. Students are also unable to study both English Literature AND English Language.

Option block A. Please select one of the following:*
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Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for admission into Sixth Form for September 2019 are 50 points from your eight best full GCSEs (not including short courses), along with a minimum of grade 5 in Maths and English. Your GCSE grade will be your points score i.e. grade 7 = 7 points. We will not include any points from GCSEs grade 4 or below in your overall points score.

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We will contact your current school to confirm your predicted GCSE grades from January 2019.

By submitting this form, you are confirming that you agree to the storage and use of your personal information in relation to our admissions process for 2019, and in line with the Data Protection Act 1984.