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Sixth Form Application - September 2020

To apply for a place in our Sixth Form for September 2020, please complete the form below.

Student Details


We will contact you about your application via email. Please ensure you provide us with a valid email address that you will have regular access to up until GCSE results day (Thursday 20th August 2020).

Parent / Guardian contact details

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A level Options

All students will begin Year 12 with four A levels. Students wishing to study Further Mathematics must also study Mathematics at A level. Students are not permitted to study both Economics and Business Studies due to similarities in course content, and students are also unable to study both English Literature and English Language.

Please select four A level subjects using the drop down boxes below.

In the event that we are unable to accommodate your subject combination, please indicate a 'reserve' A level subject using the drop down list below.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for admission into Sixth Form for September 2020 are:
- 50 points from your best eight full GCSEs (one non-GCSE equivalent will be accepted as part of the eight); and
- a minimum of grade 5 in English and Mathematics.

Your GCSE grade will be your point score i.e. grade 7 = 7 points. We will not include any points from GCSEs grade 4 or below, or include short courses in your points score.

Please select*

We will contact your current school to confirm your predicted GCSE grades after the closing date for applications on 31st January 2020. Once your reference has been received, we will contact you about your application via the email address you have provided.

By submitting this form, you are confirming that you agree to the collection, storage and use of your personal data in relation to our admissions process for September 2020, and in line with the Data Protection Act 1984.

Once you submit your form, you will have the opportunity to print your application. You will not receive a confirmation email from us.