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Return to school information 6th September 2021

First Day of Term Monday 6th September

Year 7 Students

Students in Year 7 should arrive from 8:00am and be on site no later than 8:30am. Year 7 students will be directed to the canteen and will be accompanied by prefects to their tutor room.

Year 12 Students

Year 12 students should arrive from 8:00am and be on site no later than 8:30am. Year 12 students will be directed to the main school hall by Senior Prefects. 


Students in years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13

Students in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 should arrive at break time (11.05am) and go directly to their Tutor Room (a list of Tutor Rooms is attached to this letter). Staff and prefects will direct students to their tutor rooms. Please be aware that as stated in the Headteacher letter in July, the school building will only be open to students in these year groups from 11.05am and students should not arrive on site before this time.

Please note that there is no parking for parents available on school grounds and it will not be possible for parents to enter the site. Students will be greeted by staff and prefects at the front entrance gates and shown where to go.


Catering Arrangements and Dinner money

We will be operating a full catering service effective from Monday 6th September. Please ensure that your child’s Parent Pay account has been activated and that ‘Dinner Money’ funds have been applied as our system usually operates on a cashless basis. This system uses biometric technology that recognises your child’s thumb print at the tills in the canteen. There will be a number of opportunities during the first week of term for each new student to have their biometric thumb print taken. All of this will be organised by staff. Pre-ordering will not be available for the first two weeks of term.

We will be accepting cash for a limited time during the first week only and would recommend that you send your child to school with a small amount of cash until their thumbprint has been taken.  The price of a hot meal is £2.95. Please ensure that your child brings coins rather than large bank notes as there will only be a limited amount of change available. Alternatively, they are of course welcome to bring a packed lunch.

Once they have had their thumb print taken, they will be able to take full advantage of the cashless system with immediate effect.

If you have any questions regarding the activation of your child’s Parent Pay account, topping up funds or the biometric technology, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Croysdill, the Finance Officer at

Please note that students should not bring any snacks on to the school site containing nuts or eggs.

Travel arrangements

We are expecting public transport and the CSSE bus companies to be operating as normal in September. We encourage parents to check the appropriate transport company websites to confirm travel arrangements for their child.

Student Wellbeing and Parent Communication

Should your daughter/son have any concerns or queries at the start of term, please encourage them to speak to their Form Tutor in the first instance, or they can contact their Pastoral Support Officer via the year group Pastoral Office. The email addresses for the relevant Pastoral Support Officers are provided below. Parents can contact their child’s Pastoral Support Officer if they wish to discuss any concerns regarding their daughter/son prior to the return to school.

Mrs Bernier

Year 7, 8 and 9

Mrs Rooke

Year 7, 8 and 9

Mrs Poxon

Years 10 and 11

Mrs Hopkins

Year 12 and 13


Monday 20 September 2021 Non Student Day

Please note that due to the 11+ examination taking place, the school will not be open to students on this day.

Remote Learning

The School will retain its capacity to provide remote education for students who are required to self-isolate whilst awaiting a PCR confirmatory test or had a positive PCR test and for students who are subject to COVID-19 quarantine/travel restrictions.  Remote learning will continue to be delivered through Microsoft Teams and SatchelOne (formerly known as Show My Homework).  Depending on the circumstances, students will be able to access ‘live’ lessons and/or will have work set by their teachers to be completed and submitted using Microsoft Teams and/or SatchelOne. Further details regarding remote provision at Southend High School for Girls can be found on the School’s website.

Student Medication

Students should bring with them any medication that needs to be kept in school, and this should be given to their Pastoral Support Officer (Mrs Rooke, Mrs Bernier or Mrs Poxon) on the first day. If there has been a change to your daughter’s medical information that we need to be aware of please email your daughter/son’s Pastoral Support Officer with any updates. For any SEND updates, please email Mrs Griffiths at Sendco@shsg.

ParentPay Reminder

We strongly recommend that Year 7 and Year 12 parents set up their ParentPay account before their child starts school. ParentPay details were sent out with previous admissions communications. For any ParentPay queries please contact

Mobile Phones

We have updated our procedures around mobile phone use for students. From September, students in Years 7-13 will be permitted to use their mobile phones in designated areas. Mobile phones may continue to be used in lessons under the direction of the teacher for educational activities only.

Timings of the School Day from September

A reminder is provided below. Please note that the school day starts at 8.30am. All staff and students must be on site by this time. Students must be in their tutor room by 8.35am. The Form Tutor will take the register at 8.35am. The student entrance gate will close at 8.30am daily. Any student not on site by 8.30am is late. Late students must enter the school via reception and sign in on the touchscreen, supervised by their Pastoral Support Officer. School will end at 3.30pm and there will be no staggered exit times.  Sixth Form students are permitted to leave the school site to study at home in the afternoon if they do not have a lesson or a supervised study period 5 or period 4 and 5. They must sign out using the touchscreen in reception.


The school day starts  




Movement time 


Period 1  


Movement time  


Period 2  




Period 3  




Period 4  


Movement time  


Period 5  


End of school  


Students will get changed for PE at school and are no longer required to attend school wearing PE kit on days they have PE. Students are not required to bring their PE kit for the first day of term. Form Tutors will issue students with their timetable during tutor time on the first day and they will then be able to pack accordingly for the rest of the first week.


Lockers will be available for students to use.

Face Masks

The Government has informed schools that face masks are no longer advised for students and staff in school. Students will not be expected to wear face masks in school , although they are advised to wear them when travelling on public transport or the school buses. Any student who wishes to wear a face mask at school will be allowed to do so.

We look forward to welcoming all students back to school on Monday 6th September.

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