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Maths Flexible Friday 17th November 2017

This term year 7 had a Maths Flexible Friday based on problem solving. For the first part of the day we were in the computer room and used Desmos - an online free graphing site; this is when we graphed our castle. We found it a really good experience and we grew in confidence with line graphs.

"At first I wasn’t sure I could do it, but by the end I had made massive progress," - year 7 student.

Period 3 was the best part of the day! We all walked into the hall excited and curious to watch a special show by a magic man. As he performed his first trick we all gawped with amazement. He explained all of his stunning tricks to us, so we could go home and amaze our families. There were varied tricks from metal to money and counters to cutlery and nearly all the tricks were new to us all. The best thing about the show was that we all learnt something new!

The next period we were problem solving with paper tea cups and saucers! We had to arrange the tea cups so that there weren’t two cups with a matching colour in a row or column, and the same with the saucers. For some of us this was a massive challenge but for others they got it nearly instantly. After that we played a game called Sets. This is where you have to arrange shapes, colours and

textures into groups of three, but the tricky thing about this game was that we had to find similarities and differences in our sets.

For the last part of the day we had to try and solve number clues to unlock the doors to get out the castle. Only one group managed to do this but the rest of us had fun trying. Each time you came 1st you earnt 10 points, if you came 2nd you earnt 9 points and so on.

Throughout the day we all earnt raffle tickets. Every time you got 3 raffle tickets you would receive a merit. At the end of the day all our raffle tickets were put into a pot and the teacher pulled one out. This person went on to another draw to try and win a chocolate padlock and key or a ‘Lindt’ Christmas advent calendar. Overall we all had a great day: magic, raffles, graphing and lots more!

Grace St, Ruby F, Charlotte H, Year 7