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School Birthday

Tradition mixed with modernity was very much the theme of the Southend High School for Girls 102nd birthday celebration, on Friday 23rd October 2015.

The traditional full school service and celebration, attended by esteemed guests, lived up to its quality pedigree with readings, hymns and live classical music that paid tribute to the thousands of students who have shared this rare and wonderful birthday celebration. The ‘modern’ this year is that the birthday celebration not only gives thanks for this wonderful school but also directly helps those in need in the local community.


Charities supported this year include Safer Places, HARP, Southend and Rochford foodbank, Havens Hospice, Southend MIND, and Little Havens. During the day a large number of students were fortunate enough to hand over the ‘presents’ directly to their chosen charity, giving them a valuable opportunity to see directly the impact that their gift will have on the people of Southend. These gifts included, food donations, a microwave oven, money, art supplies and toiletries. As students left school at the end of the school birthday celebrations they passed the stained glass window. This reminds them that life at the school is not just about ‘becoming more thoughtful and learned’ but is also about becoming more ‘useful to their country and to mankind’. Without a doubt, the way the students celebrated this year’s birthday has definitely lived up to the pledge.