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Kesia wins kickboxing medals for England

Southend High School for Girls is very proud to report that one of its year 9 students, Kesia has won three medals at the recent ISKA Amateur Members Association WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017. Kesia went through various selection dates and made it past an elimination competition to join team England. This meant that she had been selected as the best possible representative for team England for her age and weight category. As a school we are very proud of her determination and commitment that has led her to represent team England, and her club, Southend Combat Academy.

The competition was held in Athens, Greece and the four-day tournament lasted from the 31st of May to the 3rd of June. It was run by an organisation called the I.S.K.A, which is one of the most prestigious and well known organisations in the world. Kesia competed in three disciplines, the first being full contact Thai boxing (punches, kicks, knees and elbows). The second being K1 (just punches and kicks all headshots). The third category was headshot kickboxing which wasn't actually planned but Kesia stepped into the breach after a fellow competitor pulled out. This was particularly impressive, as Kesia had not trained in this category of kickboxing. Kesia won two silver medals and one bronze. Overall, out of 48 countries, team England came home with the second most amount of medals behind the host nation Greece.

This is a fantastic achievement and shows the natural skill and dedication of Kesia to reach the highest possible levels and have the honour of representing her country at such a young age.