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Year 12 Student Receives Prize

Well done to Kathryn M who was awarded the BNF Education Prize earlier this month for her GCSE Food Tech coursework from Year 11.  Kathryn attended the prize ceremony held at the Royal College of Physicians on Tuesday 14th November.

"We arrived to a champagne reception and were treated to a three course lunch in the company of the five other GCSE winners from around the UK. Before the ceremony, a lecture was given by Professor Susan Jebb of Oxford University about her research into the role of nutrition in the obesity epidemic. The prize itself was awarded to us by the BNF patron Princess Anne - having never been in the company of royalty, this was rather nerve wracking for all of us, but was truly an honour nevertheless. She also gave a speech about the progress made in nutrition education in the UK over the past 50 years to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Nutrition Foundation.

Receiving this award and listening to all of the speakers from the BNF really highlighted to me the value of education into food and nutrition, and how important it is to continue to encourage students with an interest in the subject".

Kathryn M, Year 12