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SHSG Raising Funds and Awareness about Huntingdon's Disease

In January, Year 11 students in a French lesson were surprised to see their teacher with a little pink and green felt dog on his lanyard. When they questioned him they learnt that it was a “Sibyl” a “Hound for Huntington’s” created by Jaqui Harrison to help raise awareness of the Huntington’s disease or HD which affects 12,000 people in the UK and is incurable. HD causes involuntary movements, affects brain and speech function and is fatal about 15 years after symptoms begin. The students got in touch with the lady who makes the “Sibyls” as they were so moved by her story and have taken to wearing them around school. On Friday 20th April they went a stage further and arranged a whole-school non-uniform day to raise money for the local Specialist Huntington’s Disease Advisor, who helps families who are affected by this disease. They gave an assembly to the whole school and raised £1500 which will go to support our local Specialist HD Advisor, Alison Heavy.