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Maths at the Royal Institute

Komal , Sanjana and I went to the Royal Institute of Maths in Chelmsford for 6 weeks on a Saturday. We were so fortunate to be able to go there and we enjoyed learning there. It was really inspirational to listen and learn from the different lectures. We are really thankful for the maths department for arranging the opportunity like this.  We learnt an array of topics such as cipher, representing numbers (terminating decimals), transcendental numbers, continued fractions, simulation and topology. These topics are usually not taught in maths in year 9 so learning about it was really exciting. We got to look into more depth and understanding as to why we use some things in maths (like surds). We looked at the history in maths and computer science. Overall we had a great time and we would not hesitate to go again - Adchya A, Year 9