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Enterprise Challenge Final at Wembley

Following a curriculum day of working on pitches for ways to get more women into the football industry, five year 9s were chosen to attend the National Enterprise Challenge grand final, myself included. We worked for weeks, developing the winning pitch idea, meeting regularly to rehearse the script, alter the pitch so it would fit into the four minute slot, and create a board to prepare for the finals. At last, they came!

The five of us, along with Mrs Braby and Miss Hatcher, travelled up to Wembley Stadium, armed with a football and our board, wearing prototypes of the clothing range we proposed to make. After signing in we had enough time to run through our pitch one last time, and then were called to the room in which we would be presenting. It was a box overlooking the pitch and we were to be judged by four people. We did our pitch, and all walked out far more confident than we had gone in, thinking that we might genuinely have had a chance of winning. As there were more people still to pitch, we went through into a large room where there were guest speakers and musicians entertaining the multitude of school parties. Having had lunch, we decided to explore the other stalls around the venue. There was everything from 3D printing, to archery, to VR experiences, to an inflatable planetarium to look at, talk to, and join in with. More than enough to keep us occupied until the final of the final.

The final was hosted by Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely of popular dance troupe Diversity. They introduced the judges including Dragons' Den's Theo Paphitis, who talked to us about why he loved being in the business industry. Next it was time to listen to the first five winning presentations. They were split into two categories: KS3, who were tasked with designing a new stationery range for Ryman, and KS4, who were tasked with finding a way of getting more women into football. I think I speak for the team when I say that watching the presentations the other teams gave made me almost convinced that we had not been good enough to qualify for the final five KS4.

There was a fifteen minute interval, after which the last two KS4 qualifiers were announced. We could hardly believe it when our name was the first to be read out! After all, we were all completely new to the Enterprise Challenge, unlike a lot of the schools in attendance. Our team was ushered out, but we barely had any time to prepare to give our presentation again as we were up first. It was rather daunting, walking down the middle of all the schools and receiving a microphone to speak with. Nonetheless our team did it again, just as good as before, this time in front of well over one hundred people. We got nothing but praise from the judges, then sat back down to watch the rest of the presentations - a little more excited this time. It came to the awards ceremony. We didn't win, but I strongly think that we all finally fully understood the saying that it's not the winning but the taking part that matters. We all learned so much and had a great day, and can't wait to see what happens next for the Enterprise Challenge within SHSG!

Eloise P, 9E