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Harry Potter Book Night

On the night of Friday 11th March Southend High School for Girls transformed into the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Girls became witches and boys became wizards, teachers became professors and the library became the Great Hall. Children stepped into another world.

Our own fabulous Professors Wiz and Bang (Mrs Aylen and Mrs Murphy Brown) gave a magical demonstration of potions and spells. There were divination classes run by the wonderful professor Trelawney (otherwise known as Mrs Moffat), Potions classes run by the eerie Professor Snape (Mr Aldridge), Spells classes run by the fabulous Miranda Goshawk (Mrs Brown) and Professor Sprout (Ms Wakeman) was on hand to talk about Herbology. There were house captains running round the Hall proudly chanting "Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor !!" Butterbeer was sold and drunk by the gallon, wands were choosing their wizards left, right and centre, textbooks were sold to first years, the book of monsters snapped off many a hand and snitches were literally flying off of the shelves. Professor Moody (Mr Moroney) thundered around the school ordering students around and encouraging magical talent and Rita Skeeter( Mrs Bull) was promenading around the school spreading and reaping gossip to report back to the daily prophet. "It was amazing to see everyone get involved in something together, and especially something as widely loved as Harry Potter!" said a parent. " I loved being able to interact with all of the characters from the books!" said a current year 8 pupil. For one night the school was no longer full of muggles, it was full of witches and wizards bringing with them a world to be enjoyed by everyone."