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Brain Day ​​​​​​​

On 9th March AS and A Level Psychology students attended ‘Brain Day’ – an introductory session in neuroscience. Dr Guy Sutton, Director of Medical Biology Interactive and Honorary Consultant Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham Medical School led the students through a brain dissection identifying anatomy studied on their course. Students were able to get hands on with the regions of the brain and identify areas involved with the senses, memory and mental illness.

Students then attended lectures on normal and abnormal brain function, sex differences and methods of study including neural recording and decoding, neuroimaging and brain stimulation. Ms Ketley said ‘this was such a fabulous opportunity for students to apply their study of Psychology and physically see the structures that influence our behaviour. Psychology includes a lot of biological content so to be able to physically hold the pineal gland or cut through the hippocampus enabled the students to not just imagine how these structures influence our circadian rhythms and memories! Even at university, it is unlikely that students will have the opportunity to dissect a brain’.