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A Year 7 Parent's Virtual Guide to Grammar School

To use this guide start with the introduction section below.  You are then free to work your way through the presentations provided by our Directors of Faculty in which ever order you choose.  The final presentation will focus on assessment and reporting during Year 7.  

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  • Introduction to the Year 7 Parents' Virtual Guide to Grammar School.

    Published 24/09/20

    The  Year 7 Parents' Virtual Guide to Grammar School is an initiative that started a number of years ago to help parents new to our school understand the year ahead for their daughter.  In addition it also provides an insight into how parents can best help and support their daughter to be as safe, happy and successful as possible. 

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  • Faculty of Mathematics

    Published 10/09/20

    In year 7 students receive 6 hours per fortnight Mathematics education.  Given the nature of our school they are all in high ability groups.  The emphasis of the Mathematics department is very much to make Maths fun and accessible to all but at the same time keep the level of challenge appropriate to our high ability students.

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  • Faculty of English and Media

    Published 07/09/20

    In year 7 students receive 6 hours per fortnight English education.  Given the nature of our school they are all in high ability groups.  One of the most important things we emphasise in our Yr7 English Curriculum is the joy that comes from reading for pleasure and producing quality writing.   

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  • Faculty of Science

    Published 05/09/20

    In year 7 students have 6 periods of science per fortnight.  Students study all three sciences however they will stay with the same teacher for all three.  From year 8 onwards they will have different teachers for each of the individual sciences.  Science in the lower school is coordinated by Mrs Smith.

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  • Faculty of Humanities

    Published 03/09/20

    The humanities faculty is a diverse faculty that is home to both our newest subject.  This is the Lower School Academic enrichment subject known as PPE.  This subject allows students to wrestle with some of the big questions that have challenged thinkers since antiquity.

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  • Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages

    Published 02/09/20

    In year 7 students study two modern foreign languages: French and either German or Spanish.

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  • Faculty of the Creative and Performing Arts

    Published 01/09/20

    Year 7 students study Art, Music, Technology and Drama as part of their key stage 3 curriculum.

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  • Assessment and Reporting in Year 7

    Published 28/08/20

    One of the areas that we receive the most questions about is school reports and parents evenings.  These are very different to those that you are used to from primary school.  This section will help launch you into the world od secondary school reports.

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