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Cashless Catering and Free School Meals

SHSG receives Pupil Premium Funding for students eligible for Free School Meals. This enables us to provide students with free healthy meals but it also enables us to assist with the cost of providing some educational resources and to contribute towards the cost of important trips.

(Details of which students attract Pupil Premium Funding and a link to the form that will enable the school to receive it, can be found below. A full explanation about Pupil Premium Funding is also available in this "Parents" Section of our website.)

Our Cashless Catering system enables eligible children to take a free meal without this being known to other students. If your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please do complete and return the form to the school so that we can receive the additional valuable funding!


Please click here for information about eligibility for free school meals

Please click here for an application form for free school meals. This form should be submitted to the Finance Office.


Cashless Catering FAQs

Please click here for a list of frequently asked questions about Cashless Catering