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          "One of the true pleasures of my job is seeing young people reach their academic goals.  Year in, year out they exceed even my expectations.  There is no real secret to it; academically able students, who work extremely hard and remain positive and optimistic (despite the difficulties life throws at them) will achieve well.  What is always a constant joy to me is the degree to which this experience shapes them into politically aware, socially considerate and culturally creative human beings, truly deserving of their place in our community.  The class of 2016 are no exception.  As a year group they have once again improved on the A* to B percentage of their predecessors, pushing the school total to over 76% of all exams sat being graded at A* to B.  That is not to undervalue the achievements of a C, D or E grade.  Often these represent a long running battle with a subject or a circumstance and, if so, are to be held in the same esteem as the A* to B.  That is why I am also incredibly proud that the class of 2016 have also maintained the school’s impressive 100% A level pass rate.  This record has stood for many years now and relies on the continued efforts and achievement of every single one of our students to maintain it.  I hope that it long continues to stand. 

A levels remain a tough academic challenge, one that young people must rise to if they want to set their trajectory high for their next period of study / career.  I am very pleased to be able to say that amongst the engineers, historians, mathematicians and linguists (to name just a few of the courses of study selected by this year group) heading off to some of the best universities in the country, we have six students who have obtained places at either Oxford or Cambridge.  A further three students are embarking on courses in either Medicine or Veterinary Science.  

As the world of further education changes with universities demanding more and more from students and employers looking far beyond just a set of grades, I am so proud that the class of 2016 have used their time here so wisely.  They have not just achieved some great results they have created springboard for success in the future and I look forward to seeing them return to us with stories of their adventures and triumphs."


2018 GCSE & A-Level results coming soon!

GCSE 2017 Headline Measures

Progress 8

P8 DfE  +0.7 

P8 Qualification neutral 0.8  (different point scores for different subjects based on entrants’ scores in GCSE maths and English FFT)

Progress 8 score aims to capture the progress a pupil makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school. It is a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils with similar prior attainment.


Attainment 8

Average score per pupil 71.8

Percentage achieving a strong pass (5-9) in English and maths - 98%

Percentage achieving a pass (4-9)  in English and maths - 100%

Percentage taking EBacc - 79.2%

Percentage achieving EBacc - 76%

Percentage of students staying on in education after key stage 4 - 100%


Attainment 8 measures the achievement of a pupil across 8 qualifications including mathematics (double weighted) and English (double weighted), 3 further qualifications that count in the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) measure and 3 further qualifications that can be GCSE qualifications (including EBacc subjects) or any other non-GCSE qualifications on the DfE approved list. Each individual grade a pupil achieves is assigned a point score, which is then used to calculate a pupil’s Attainment 8 score.


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