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Houses, Student Leadership Team and Charities

All students are allocated a house according to their form group. The five houses; Hera, Hermes, Athene, Artemis and Aphrodite are incorporated into school life at SHSG through the house point system. Student are awarded with house points in accordance to their attendance, academic achievement, house competitions and also based on their contributions to the school community, all in aid of battling for the school house cup, awarded at the end of the year.                      

The house captains work closely with the student body to raise money for charity. Over £13,000 was raised for various charities throughout the last academic year. Charity week is an opportunity for students in different houses to raise as much money for the school charities as they can.

Charity Week - February 2016

The week of 22nd February is Charity Week at SHSG.  Listed below (with links) are the charities we are supporting this year:  




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Aphrodite                  Southend YMCA

Artemis                      SOS Bus

Athene                       Little Havens

Hera                           HARP

Hermes                     Southend Sunflower Trust