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Jack Petchey Foundation

If you would like to nominate someone for a Jack Petchey Award please email:

Nominations take place three times a year, in September, January and May.

Students need to have done something outstanding and made a real difference to school or their community. For full details please look at the Jack Petchey website which is:

Jack Petchey Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have all won Jack Petchey Achievement Awards during the 2017 nomination period:-

Izzy Skirrow (Year 8): Last year Izzy's house burnt down. She was home alone when she discovered the fire and immediately left the building and called the fire services. Her cool head led to her being commended, because if she hadn't left immediately the outcome would have been much worse. Since the fire Izzy has been dealing with having different homes and her belongings spread everywhere. She found that rebuilding a normal life without a place to call home has been hard but they plan to be home for Christmas. Izzy has handled this situation in a very positive way.

Grace Hinman (Year 11): This last year, Grace has been helping the junior students with their netball by volunteering to take additional coaching sessions. These sessions have taken place before and after school, as well as during lunchtimes. She has been running group sessions, as well as one-on-ones, independently and alongside the PE staff, and the girls have benefited enormously from the extra coaching they have received. With the PE department being so busy, Grace volunteering to give up her time has been greatly appreciated by her teachers as well as the students. Grace is a committed and enthusiastic coach who gets huge delight in seeing the younger girls improve their netball skills and game play. 

Eloise Pennycott (Year 8): Eloise was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss before she started at SHSG. Her condition deteriorated in the last two years and her hearing loss has dropped to severe. This had an enormous effect on Eloise, both in her personal life and in school, where her academic performance dropped significantly. However, Eloise decided not to let her condition hinder her. She has overcome her initial feelings of sadness and has been trying really hard. As a result, not only did her grades increase again, but on top of this she also raised awareness about deafness in the school by leading assemblies.

Aisling & Ruby (Year 7): This year, Aisling and Ruby ran 10k for Cancer Research. This took place at Garons Leisure Centre in Southend where they raised over £400, a fantastic achievement. They are very appreciative of everyone who sponsored them. Aisling and Ruby ran this as many of their family and friends have suffered with cancer and they hope that doing this fundraiser event will inspire others to do the same. 

Tallulah Glendinning (Year 8): Tallulah was nominated for the Jack Petchey award because she has supported her friend Eloise by learning sign language. Over the past year they have started to promote more deaf awareness throughout the school and in the form. In lessons Tallulah and Eloise sign conversations about various topics and sometimes just for fun! She is constantly learning new words and vocabulary to translate in lessons and for general use. They have created signed assemblies and Tallulah has taught others the basics of sign so that they can all (as a form) sign to Eloise. Tallulah helped Eloise by being there in the good and challenging times. They both hope to progress and reach the level 1 BSL course.


If you know someone deserving of a nomination for 2018-2019, please email with their name and the reasons why you would like to nominate them.