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Jack Petchey Foundation

If you would like to nominate someone for a Jack Petchey Award please email:

Nominations take place three times a year, in September, January and May.

Students need to have done something outstanding and made a real difference to school or their community. For full details please look at the Jack Petchey website which is:

Jack Petchey Awards 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have all won Jack Petchey Achievement Awards during the 2019 nomination period:

Maryam F  - Maryam is a dedicated student, who helped running several school projects in mathematics. Maryam has participated in the school’s Maths Angel programme, which involves giving online lessons to students who are struggling with certain topics. She has been on online duty angel for over a year giving up every Thursday evening helping other students. She also ran the Maths e day club every single lunchtime in the Summer term 2018 - allocating digits for a huge origami display and involving community groups which students are involved in from across the school. Maryam showed such patience and was so willing to help - tirelessly and so pro-actively.

Mia S  (Year 11) - When Mia’s mother told her about national hate crime awareness week she was immediately enthralled by the concept. She has never been shy about speaking up against hate, especially after hearing so many stories, some close to home. When she began her research on the topic and looking at how she could be more than just a supporter, but an advocate, she knew she had to share what she had learnt in attempts to remove one of the greatest problems she felt this world had - hate. Fuelled with the adrenalin of the prospect of being able to make a change, she decided the best way to spread the message was through assemblies in school. She nearly regretted the decision when the anxiety of speaking in front of so many people kicked in. However, after the amazing response she received from students and teachers after delivering her first assembly she knew she had made the right decision and that her journey of speaking up and stopping hate was far from over. (October)

Zoe O - Zoe had to deal with some very difficult personal circumstances last year. She has always been a hard worker, and despite what happened, she continued to work hard and not let events affect her, showing enormous bravery and resilience. She has put a lot of extra effort into her work and continued to achieve excellent grades. She has also remained very upbeat and supportive of her peers. She is the ‘voice of reason’ in her friendship group and when coursework deadlines were looming she was the one to motivate and encourage her friends to put in extra effort to get the top grades. She is a remarkable student and a real credit to her family.

Victoria D - Victoria is an excellent student who is always ready to help others. She was nominated for the award because she has given up a lot of her time to support other students in Drama. She regularly helped the GCSE Drama group with their exam practical rehearsals and supported several after school performances. She also gave up her weekend to help students prepare for their LAMDA examinations. Victoria is a credit to the school as she managed to give other students a real confidence boost through her support.

Beth A - Beth has given her time freely to help run a dance group for younger children at her dance school in Canvey.  She teaches them all the dance styles (tap, modern and ballet) at a weekly club.  Beth does this alongside organising a running club for years 7 and 8 at school. 

Beth took charge of the year 7 and 8 teams at the borough cross-country championships.   She warmed them up, gave them a motivational team talk and gave them lots of encouragement as they were racing.  At the end of the race, Beth was at the finish line to collect their finishing tokens and to complete the finishing envelope to hand in to the results hut.

Beth is a very successful dancer and athlete herself.  She still manages to train and compete at the highest levels in both disciplines alongside running the clubs for the younger girls. Beth is an unassuming student who leads by example and has an excellent rapport with both adults and pupils alike.  

Mina S - Mina has always wanted to do some form of charity work, and when she was 9 years old she set herself the goal to cut 14 inches of her hair to donate to the Little Princess trust fund. She reached this goal in 2018 and raised nearly £650 in the process. Mina’s family has been affected by cancer and for that reason she wants to continue to raise as much money as possible for cancer charities. She has run many 5k runs with friends and family in the past, one of them being for the Great Ormond Street Hospital. She has another event lined up, running for Cancer Research UK with her auntie. Mina will continue to participate in as many activities as possible raising money for charities.

Olivia C - Olivia is a dedicated student who has been nominated for the award because of the work she is doing for charities. She has participated in many charitable activities, one of them completing a 5k run for the Great Ormond Street Hospital raising over £2000. On top of these activities, she regularly volunteers for the St John Ambulance. Olivia is a credit to the school and inspires other students to follow her steps.

Orla P - Orla was nominated for the prize because both students and teachers found her attitude inspirational. Orla has overcome very challenging individual circumstances and managed to stay positive throughout a very difficult time. She truly deserves this accolade.

Jack Petchey Awards 2020

If you know someone deserving of a nomination, please email with their name and the reasons why you would like to nominate them.