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Jack Petchey Foundation

If you would like to nominate someone for a Jack Petchey Award please email:

Nominations take place three times a year, in September, January and May.

Students need to have done something outstanding and made a real difference to school or their community. For full details please look at the Jack Petchey website which is:

Jack Petchey Awards 2018

Congratulations to the following students who have all won Jack Petchey Achievement Awards during the 2018 nomination period:-

Alexa S   (Year 7) - Alexa completed a charity walk in aid of a local care home supporting people who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease. Alexa is very passionate about this cause and felt that she had to speak out for these people, because memory loss is a very serious issue. She was hoping that by completing the walk she could raise awareness of the issue and help the people who are affected by it. They managed to raise an excellent £1000 during the day. (September)

Mia S  (Year 11) - When Mia’s mother told her about national hate crime awareness week she was immediately enthralled by the concept. She has never been shy about speaking up against hate, especially after hearing so many stories, some close to home. When she began her research on the topic and looking at how she could be more than just a supporter, but an advocate, she knew she had to share what she had learnt in attempts to remove one of the greatest problems she felt this world had - hate. Fuelled with the adrenalin of the prospect of being able to make a change, she decided the best way to spread the message was through assemblies in school. She nearly regretted the decision when the anxiety of speaking in front of so many people kicked in. However, after the amazing response she received from students and teachers after delivering her first assembly she knew she had made the right decision and that her journey of speaking up and stopping hate was far from over. (October)

Eleanor B (Year 12) - Over her time at SHSG Eleanor has benefited greatly from participating in sport and she has been lucky enough to have had many amazing opportunities such as representing the school at the World Athletics. Therefore, whilst being at Southend, she has tried to reciprocate these opportunities by helping the PE department and volunteering her time to encourage younger students to progress their abilities. She helps the PE department in running competitions for younger pupils by officiating or coaching in her free time. She has also given up some of her lunchtimes to coach younger students Netball and Javelin to pass on the passion she has for those sports. Furthermore, she has volunteered at her old primary school to coach netball in addition to helping coach futsal for 3 months at another local primary school. (November)

Jack Petchey Awards 2019

If you know someone deserving of a nomination for 2019-2020, please email with their name and the reasons why you would like to nominate them.