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Our Ethos and Values

An ethos of "excellence in everything"

At Southend High School for Girls we aim to be a ‘values led organisation’; in other words one that tries to live up to a set of standards that we, as a school community, have identified are fundamental to life in our school.


At SHSG we seek to:

  • Ensure that all students have equal access to a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that offers opportunities for academic, creative, physical, social, moral and spiritual expression and development.
  • Deliver the curriculum in such a way as to inspire students to pursue excellence in everything that they do.
  • Develop students who are ambitious lifelong learners.  To help them to show initiative, resilience, determination and grit.
  • Adopt a holistic approach that prepares our students for the challenges that they will face in a constantly changing world and to give them a competitive edge in the world of 21st century work.
  • Provide a stimulating and supportive learning environment that recognises the needs, abilities and talents of every individual in our community and enables them to be challenged and supported in order to reach ambitions.
  • Have high expectations of courtesy, behaviour, hard work, leadership, teamwork and achievement within a supportive and disciplined academic environment.
  • Ensure that every student has high expectations of themselves, strives to do their best, takes a pride in the school and takes pride in themselves, recognising themselves as unique and worthwhile individuals.
  • Encourage self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence, and for our students to form positive relationships and communicate effectively with other people.
  • Value the strengths that stem from the diversity of our school. SHSG students will develop into open minded young adults who are accepting of others and value the differences between us rather than seeking conformity.  Equality and diversity are central; no member of the school community will be subjected to discrimination because of their age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, culture, sexual orientation, gender, religious beliefs, socio-economic background, or other personal characteristic or circumstance.
  • Listen to students, staff, parents and governors in order to allow all stakeholders to have a voice and express their ideas about the school appropriately.