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Student Voice & Student Council

How School Council works

Since September, School Council has adopted a new way to communicate issues from students. Every fortnight tutor groups have the opportunity to debate issues which are important to them and share these through an online platform with the School Council reps.

Opportunities for everyone

However, everyone can get involved. You don't have to be a rep. In fact, greater involvement is the goal! If you have an idea of how you would like to improve your experience at school, suggest an Action through your tutor group meetings. Then, complete the Action proposal form and get going! Ms Haywood is available to help you set things up.


Current Actions include a Sixth Form group preparing to refurbish an old office to make it a comfortable space for counselling, etc. Additionally, some students are investigating the practicalities of recycling crisp packets, all in support of the projects being launched by the school's Planet Action group. Another project, again generated by students, is to set up a student forum for all local secondary schools to generate discussion and community across the Borough.

All these projects are student led. This is the aim of School Council. Students' great ideas are supported and they have opportunities to create change for themselves.

Well done to all students involved!