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Year 7 Curriculum

The year 7 curriculum has been designed to aid transition into secondary school, to excite students about the opportunities for learning at SHSG and to lay down the foundations for a successful academic career within the school.

Students study English, Mathematics, Science, two languages (French and either German or Spanish) RS, Geography and History and a range creative subjects including Art, Music, Food Tech, Textiles and Resistant Materials.  Every fortnight Year 7 students have an opportunity to take a break from the standard curriculum and take part in a ‘Flexible Friday’.  This is an opportunity for students to explore a subject in much more depth than would normally be possible for a year 7 student to do and /or a subject that they may not encounter until later in their educational career. These Fridays are a critical part of helping year 7 students to mix with the entire year group, to work with a wide range of staff / outside visitors and to start to develop the all-important ‘soft skills’ that are so critical to developing into resilient and robust learners.  They are also just a huge amount of fun and there is nothing more important for a year 7 student to learn than if they want to sustain a life of high achievement then learning to laugh along the way is vital.

For more information about the subjects you will be studying in Year 7, expectations and handy tips please click on the link below for the Year 7 Information Booklet.