Danielle Z

I look back on my time at SHSG with the fondest of memories. It is more than just a school with an amazing academic record – it is a dynamic and diverse community. The staff became my greatest supporters, encouraging me throughout every step of my journey and helping me to achieve grades beyond my wildest dreams. I felt equipped to go out into the world with the confidence that I could do anything I set my mind towards and was fully supported when leaving SHSG. This enabled me to secure a role at one of the world’s largest and most prestigious investment banks.

I currently work in the Equity Research Department at Morgan Stanley after I was fortunate enough to gain one of nine places on their inaugural apprenticeship programme. The firm invests in my academic development, paying for my tuition fees to complete a Level 4 qualification and provides me with incredible networking opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy my role and feel incredibly blessed to work for such an outstanding company so early on in my career. I hope to obtain a full-time position in 2022.

I wouldn’t be the individual I am today without my SHSG experience. Whether it be playing netball at national finals, participating in the school musical or delivering speeches as head girl, every moment contributed towards my personal development. I can only hope that future students reap all the benefits and opportunities that the school has to offer.

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