An integral part of learning


We, at Southend High School for Girls,  see homework as being an integral part of learning and progress as supported by the research of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and John Hattie.

The aims of our homework policy therefore are to:

  • Outline the importance of homework in the context of Southend High School for Girls, in that we are a grammar school serving the brightest students with a moral imperative to transform the life chances and opportunities of our students.
  • Provide clear and consistent guidelines for staff, students and parents.
  • Ensure consistency within departments and faculties in terms of quantity and frequency of homework being set by having clear monitoring systems in place which also allow for some degree of flexibility.
  • Ensure that homework is rationalised and not simply set for the sake of it.
  • Enable students to understand that independent learning is vital to achieving success.
  • Instil in students the habit of planning and organising their time.
  • Promote a responsibility for their own learning within each student.
  • Create a framework that allows staff to set optimal homework that maximises our students’ potential without being detrimental to their well-being or mental health.

All homework tasks are set on Satchel One (formerly known as Show My Homework).

For further information about the frequency of homework setting and deadlines, please click here 


Homework club flyer

SHSG Parent

I overheard one of my daughter's life skills classes while she was studying at home and was taken with how energetic the class was and how engaged they were with the teacher.