Admissions Policy and Information

We are delighted that you are considering a place at our school for your daughter to join our expanding and popular Year 7, or for your daughter or son to join our vibrant and challenging Sixth Form. Whether you are the parent of a prospective Year 7 student, a prospective Year 12 student or are looking for your daughter or son to transfer to our school this section should include everything that you need to know.

Admissions Policies & Forms

Admissions policies and application forms.

11+ Exam Information

For information about the 11+ Exam, including how to register and past scores, please see the CSSE website.


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To access a copy of our Admissions Policy for 2021, please click here; this covers entry at Year 7 and ‘in year’ entry to both the Lower and Middle school. It also includes the over subscription procedure should entry be oversubscribed.

In order apply to join the school in Year 7 parents must express a preference for the school on their Local Authority’s (LA) Common Application Form which should be returned to the LA by the appropriate date.  Parents must also complete the Consortium of Selective schools’ (CSSE) Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which must be returned to the CSSE by the required date.  Further information can be found on the CSSEs’ website.  Here you will also find information about how to register with the CSSE for the 11+, obtain practice papers and more information how to make an application to the school on the CSSE website.  Please click on the following link for school catchments.  Please refer to the following document for more information about admissions including guidance about moving into the priority area.

Appeals Process 2021

Please note appeals cannot be submitted until after National Offer Day on the 1st March 2021.

Any parent whose child is not offered a place has the right to appeal providing they have named this school as one of their choices.  If a parent intends to lodge an appeal, they must notify the school in writing.

The closing date for the Notice of Appeal Form and any supporting evidence to be returned is by Friday 26th March 2021 (12 noon).

Subject to receipt of the appeal papers being received by Friday 26th March 2021 (12 noon) the appeals will be held on Tuesday13th April 2021 and may carry on to Thursday 15th April 2021, depending on the number of appeals.

Any additional evidence not available at the time of the initial submission must be received at least three school days before the appeal date.

Please address the letter to the Admissions Administrator and the full address of the school, who will then reply to the request and send a Notice of Appeal form to complete. In your letter, please confirm the name and date of birth of the student, the name of the school where the 11+ test was sat, the 11+ score achieved and the name of the school allocated to the student.

The Clerk to the appeal panel will write to you at least 10 days in advance of the hearing to give notice of the time and date of your appeal. All meetings this year are likely to take place online.

Please note we do not accept in-year applications from students currently in Year 6. The waiting list for Year 7 is held by the school from the council until 31st December for those who have exceeded the minimum passmark in the 11+ test. The school’s waiting list for Year 7 does not open until 1st January. Any application forms sent for students currently in Year 6 will be disregarded.

If you wish to apply for a in year place for Years 7 – 11 you need to complete the application form here. Please note this does not include Year 7 spaces for the September intake, applications for September Year 7 intake are made directly through the Local Authority.

On receipt of the application form, if there are vacant places in the year group concerned we will invite your daughter, together with any other applicants for the same year group, to sit a series of tests at the school. These tests will be in English, Mathematics and Science.

If, based upon her performance, your daughter is deemed to meet the required standard for entry into the relevant year group/priority group; the Headteacher will offer a place on behalf of the Governors’ Admissions Committee. If there are more applicants deemed to have met the required standard than there are places; then places will be awarded strictly according to the rank order of mean score (2dp), priority category status and pass mark.

In the event of two or more students achieving exactly the same mean score, the over subscription criteria contained in the admissions policy will be applied.

Parents of an unsuccessful applicant have a right of appeal to an independent appeals panel.

Please note: No more than one application may be made in any one academic year. Students will only be tested once for an available place in any one academic year.

To join the Sixth Form please visit our Sixth Form pages here.

Should you have any questions regarding admissions or if you would like an opportunity to visit the school then please contact the admissions line on: 01702 588852 or email on

Southend High School for Girls is a selective girls’ school. Admission to the school at age 11 is determined through a selection procedure administered by the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE). The offer of a place is dependent upon passing the selection tests. Students are admitted on passing the selection tests regardless of SEN or disabilities. However, passing the selection tests is not a guarantee of being offered a place. A pass mark for the tests is set annually.

No student will be admitted below this pass mark. Where the school is named in a child’s statement of special educational needs and the child passes the selection tests, the school and the Local Authority have a duty to admit the child.

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