A zest for adventure

Adventures, creativity and performance

We are not just about great academic outcomes of course. As an SHSG student, you will be encouraged to participate in the plethora of co-curricular experiences on offer. These are the events that you will remember; they are the times when you share experiences with staff and students from other year groups, and are about building your confidence and discovering new talents and skills.

Examples of the diverse and exciting range of co-curricular experiences include: Operation Wallacea in Mexico; visiting Swaziland as part of World Challenge; ski trips; bronze, silver and gold expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh award; performing in school productions and choirs such as Novem, or learning and playing instruments in the different bands and orchestras, and staying with a French, German or Spanish family as part of the exchange programme. There is something for everyone, and we will aim to take you out of your comfort zone.

“Singing in Novem Consort is an honour and privilege. A choir I aspired to be part of during my junior years at SHSG. It has taught me a whole new level of responsibility and cooperation. Without question, a unique opportunity for which I am so grateful.”

Olivia – Year 11

Sporting excellence

Sport, health and fitness, and the pursuit of personal goals all play and important part of students’ development at SHSG and you will be encouraged to be active. We are very lucky to have such spacious and beautiful grounds, as well as first-class facilities such as new tennis courts, a gym, and a large, indoor sports centre.

Southend High School for Girls has a very proud tradition of sporting excellence. The school has won the district athletics every year for the past thirty-five years and hosted the World Schools Athletics Games in 2005! We have elite athletes from athletics to netball, and football to skiing.

However, sport is for everyone at SHSG and the faculty encourage everyone to take part. Being part of a team or just working towards your ‘personal best’ goal is incredibly rewarding.

“SHSG has given me many incredible experiences as one of their students. Not only academically, but I have had many opportunities with things such as sport and performing arts. One of the best experiences I’ve had was achieving my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. I have had to face many challenges to achieve this but have made lifelong friends and memories during it.

SHSG is a brilliant school and is everything and more I could have asked for. It has provided me with an incredible education and lifelong friends.”

Millie – Year 9


We encourage students to play an active part in school life and to shape the school’s priorities and direction of travel. Right from Year 7, students take on leadership responsibilities from Form Captain, to School Council, the Equality and Diversity Group, House Captain, Sports Captain, Subject Captain, and Planet Action to name just some examples of students as leaders.

The Head Prefect Team in Year 11 and Head Student Team in the Sixth Form regularly present to the Trust Board and represent the student body in the Summer Term school priorities planning day with trustees and the Senior Leadership Team.

Clubs and Activities


Clubs and Activities

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Year 12 & 13 Open Houses

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is designed to give young people personal and social development through a range of practical and adventurous activities. This includes, but is not limited to: leadership, self reliance, problem solving, independence, perseverance, teamwork, social interaction, understanding and finally enjoyment! Employers recognise the award as a valuable asset to round of a persons ‘life skill’ set, and universities show a keen interest in people with the award, because it shows a person to be an individual of character and ability, more than purely academic, with a set of grades.

Taking part in the scheme requires commitment but the rewards are high. The scheme allows a choice from literally hundreds of different activities chosen by the participants themselves. This is tracked and recorded on line. In the Summer Term the whole group will learn how to orienteer and then will head off for the final expedition after routes are planned and mapped out through the countryside. Participant will also cook their own supper.

There are 4 main aspects to the Award:

  • Skill
  • Physical
  • Volunteering
  • Expedition