Frequently Asked Questions

Form Rooms will be the normal teaching room (or as close to it as we could get) of your Form Tutor. That means that your form room could be in any area of the school. Year groups are not always all in the same area for their form rooms therefore, you are highly likely to have neighbours from different year groups.

You can find out your form room in two different ways. For those of you who have access to Show My Homework, your new timetable will appear on your first day back. This will have your Form Room on it.

Alternatively, an email will be sent to parents advising you of your form room prior the summer holidays.

New Year 7s and Year 12s will receive a paper copy of their timetable on the first day of term.

Yes, you will be able to use a locker again. Over the summer the site team will be working hard to allocate students with lockers near to their form rooms. Your tutor will tell you more on the first day back.

The end of the school day will be 3:30pm for all year groups.

Yes, these platforms are now a long-term part of our learning toolkit. No doubt the way in which they are used will evolve over time, however, we anticipate that they will continue to be used in the same way they have this year.

Year 5 Open Evening - Thursday 4th July (5.00pm - 8.00pm)Information here