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Partnership between

Parents & School

Communication is a two-way activity

We believe that the partnership between the school and our parents is a very important part of our work at SHSG.  We strive to keep parents well informed about news and events at the school and to provide them with the information that they need to best support their child with their education.

We will endeavour to upload school letters and forms to the website throughout the school year. Letters can be found in our Letter Library ‘here‘.

Start time

The school day at SHSG starts with registration at 08.35am and the
last lesson finishes at 3.30pm.

Year 6 to 7 Transition

Information for parents can be found below after National Offer Day.

School Cloud (Parents' Evening System)

School Cloud is the Virtual Parents’ Consultation Evening booking system.


Satchel:one is a simple online homework calendar your child can use to keep up to date and on top of all their homework. It gives you all of the information.

Parent Pay

Online payment service for schools and families.

SIMS Parent

A guide to using the SIMS Parent App can be viewed ‘here’

Test Register

Test Register is the school’s online platform for logging Covid-19 Lateral Flow Tests.

Further Information

Financial Matters

If you would like to view the Governors’ reports and SHSG’s most recent financial statements, funding agreements and annual financial reports for the school, please visit our Policies & Statements page.

Gift Aid Donations

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Pupil Premium

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COVID-19 Support

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All of your

Frequently Asked Questions

Form Rooms will be the normal teaching room (or as close to it as we could get) of your Form Tutor. That means that your form room could be in any area of the school. Year groups will no longer have all their form rooms in the same area. Therefore, you are highly likely to have neighbours from different year groups.

You can find out your form room in two different ways. For those of you who have access to Show My Homework, your new timetable will appear approximately two weeks before the first day back. This will have your Form Room on it.

Alternatively, an email will be sent to your school email advising you of your Form Room over the summer holidays.

New Year 7s and Year 12s will receive a paper copy of their timetable on the first day of term.

Yes, you will be able to use a locker again. Over the summer the site team will be working hard to allocate students with lockers near to their form rooms. Your tutor will tell you more on the first day back.

Currently, it is not a requirement for school to implement bubbles from September. Your timetables have all been produced for a non- bubble school. Should guidance on this change it may be necessary to reintroduce bubbles at some point in the future.

Will students be able to use mobile phones and /or iPads in school?
We have updated our procedures around mobile phone use for students. From September,  students in years 7-13 will be permitted to use their mobile phones during social time in designated areas. They may be used in lessons under the direction of the teacher for educational activities only.

The end of the school day will be 3:30pm for all year groups.

Yes, based on the current Government guidance, you will be able to move around the school free from the restrictions of year group bubbles.

The guidance on this is still emerging and therefore there is not a definitive answer. Yes, the current Government guidance suggests that LTF testing should still happen at home with the same frequency as at present i.e. two tests, weekly.

Yes. We also anticipate that lunchtime clubs and societies will make their long awaited return.

Yes. We also anticipate that lunchtime clubs and societies will make their long awaited return.

Yes, the canteen will reopen for food service again from (and including) the first day back in September. Your form tutor will give you more information in September.

Yes, we have timetabled lessons back into specialist rooms for all practical subjects.

Yes, should there be any COVID isolations remote learning will be provided to support those students at home.

Yes, these platforms are now a long-term part of our learning toolkit. No doubt the way in which they are used will evolve over time, however, we anticipate that they will continue to be used in the same way they have this year. SatchelOne (Show My Homework) will be used to set homework and reward points.  MS teams will be used to facilitate the delivery of ‘live’ lessons as well as provide an area where resources and activities related to individual subjects classes and lessons will be saved.