Student Voice

Student Voice



How the Student Voice Team works

Every year students apply to be part of the Student Voice Team. The Team is made up of 30 students who dedicate themselves to specific roles such as Press Officer, Researcher, Project Manager and Public Liaison Officer.

The Team sends tasks, questions and activities to Tutor groups on a fortnightly basis to gather students’ views on their education.

This fortnightly input from Tutor groups determines the direction of the Student Voice Team’s work.

Opportunities for everyone – over to you!

Everyone can get involved. You don’t have to be on the Student Voice Team to play a role in shaping the educational experience for students. In fact, greater involvement is the goal! If you have an idea of how you would like to improve students’ experience at school, suggest an Action through your fortnightly Tutor group meeting or email The Student Voice Team will contact you and support you with what you would like to achieve.

Review from the Student Voice Team of 2020-21

Student Voice, along with the rest of the country, had to adapt to a new environment and we had to overcome many challenges. That didn’t stop us from making changes and improvements to the school and the SHSG community, even though we weren’t physically in it! We collaborated with the Senior Leadership Team on several important issues, such as enforcing a strict homework policy to ease student workload and a completely new behaviour and rewards system which will make it easier this year for students to track their progress and achieve recognition for not only academic success but for effort as well.

Remote learning made our old methods of collecting students’ opinions ineffective and so we had to look for a new way around this. We managed to do this by continuously sending out surveys to make students feel included and heard, which is the main reason why Student Voice was created in the first place.

When we returned to school in the summer of 2021, we set up class discussions and focus groups to look at what we could learn from our period of remote learning and ways we can grow and progress this year. We work with the Equality and Diversity group, and last year created a Pride celebration for Assembly. Sixth formers created revision guidance and support to lower years which will be invaluable as those students progress throughout the school.

Overall, 2020-21 was tough! It wasn’t easy trying to hold a meeting when the members were in different ‘bubbles’ but looking back we are proud to be a part of Student voice and we hope you will agree that the pandemic didn’t slow us down!

Annabelle – Year 11

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