Equality & Diversity Statement



The Governing Body of Southend High School for Girls Academy Trust is committed to promoting Equality and Diversity throughout the school. By recognising and appreciating individual needs and differences the school demonstrates its respect for the communities that it serves and is a place where both students and staff thrive.

  • To provide a school environment that welcomes, values, protects, and respects diversity.
  • To close the attainment gap between different groups within our school, including the most vulnerable and those who share a protected characteristic, to ensure that every student has equal opportunity to achieve their potential.
  • To foster positive attitudes, relationships, and challenge discrimination. We actively promote mutual respect between groups and communities different from each other and understand that diversity is a strength.
  • To eradicate and challenge the use of homophobic, sexist, racist and other discriminative language by students in the school.
  • For all students to feel secure, valued, and respected, with a shared sense of belonging and to feel part of the SHSG family.
  • To help all students develop a sense of personal and cultural diversity.
  • To remove barriers to access, participation, progress and achievement.
  • For all students to respect and view differences in each other positively, whether arising from race, gender, ability or disability.
  • To develop common values of citizenship through dialogue, mutual respect and acceptance of all people.
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