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Primary MFL

Southend Primary MFL Support Group

FREE Training & Networking Sessions

Our Support Group provides free information, training and networking sessions for anyone involved or interested in primary languages. Come along for national and regional information updates, presentations by trainers or local teachers and opportunities to look at resources. The sessions offer a friendly and informal chance to network with colleagues who are also involved in primary languages in your area. Sessions are open to anyone and free of charge.

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  • Session 3 - Memorising for the Future Wednesday 14th June

    Published 23/05/17
    The final SETSA /ALL Hub Primary MFL Network meeting this year took place on Wednesday 14th June at Southend High School for Girls. Our focus for the meeting was 'Memorising for the future'. With the new format MFL
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  • Session 2 - Action for Learning Wednesday 25th January

    Published 11/01/17
    It is quite rare to find learners with such excellent visual or auditory memory skills that they can solely rely on these to progress. Most will need to take an active and collaborative part in their learning, which often makes it more fun!  Thi
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  • Extra Meeting: Two Years On ... 6th December 2016

    Published 29/11/16

    On Tuesday 6th December, following a request from some coordinators, I  repeated the meeting which was held last June, entitled Two years on.... The aims of the meeting were to check that you have in place all the documentation that you would expect to have for a statutory subject: progressive scheme of work, policies, transition, etc. I updated colleagues on the latest expectations of OFSTED regarding Primary languages.  Please see below a powerpoint presentation from this meeting.

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  • Session 1 - Progression in Speaking 12th October 2016

    Published 23/11/16
    When discussing expectations in FL classes at KS2, OFSTED clearly refers to the need of progression over the four years of this key stage. Progression should be reflected in all four key skills of listening and speaking, reading and writing. At
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  • Noël

    Published 23/11/16
    Please find some useful Christmas resources in French below.
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