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Flexible Fridays

 Every fortnight Year 7 students have an opportunity to take a break from the standard curriculum and take part in a ‘Flexible Friday’.  This is an opportunity for students to explore a subject in much more depth than would normally be possible for a year 7 student to do and /or a subject that they may not encounter until later in their educational career. These Fridays are a critical part of helping year 7 students to mix with the entire year group, to work with a wide range of staff / outside visitors and to start to develop the all-important ‘soft skills’ that are so critical to developing into resilient and robust learners.  They are also just a huge amount of fun and there is nothing more important for a year 7 student to learn than if they want to sustain a life of high achievement then learning to laugh along the way is vital. 

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  • Music Flexible Friday 16th November 2018

    Published 10/12/18
    The music department's first 'event' of the year was the annual Flexible Friday where the Year 7s write their own Christmas songs - the day was joyful as usual, with lots of great ideas and festive cheer, even though we were in the middle
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  • STEAM Flexible Friday March 2018

    Published 19/04/18
    Year 7’s ongoing STEAM Flexible Friday was one of our first ever off-curriculum days. It consisted of planning the Form’s garden layout and deciding on which flowers and vegetables to potentially grow. Meanwhile, in all of year 7’s
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  • English Flexible Friday 19th January 2018

    Published 27/02/18
    Here is a link to the film made by METAL on the  year 7 English Flexible Friday on 19th January. METAL and other local NPOs, as well ourselves involved in Artsmark, will be
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  • Spanish Flexible Friday 15th December 2017

    Published 22/02/18
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  • Music Flexible Friday 1st December 2017

    Published 22/02/18
    December, the busiest of all months, began with the Year 7 Flexible Friday writing Christmas songs.  There were many excellent songs written this year, and it was really tough having to vote for just one winner in each form.  Each form then
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  • Maths Flexible Friday 17th November 2017

    Published 09/01/18
    This term year 7 had a Maths Flexible Friday based on problem solving. For the first part of the day we were in the computer room and used Desmos - an online free graphing site; this is when we graphed our castle. We found it a really good experience
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  • Maths Flexible Friday 24th February

    Published 16/03/17
     On Flexible Friday, year 7 visited Westcliff High School for Boys for a 'Magical Maths' show with Dr Matt Pritchard. We were shown a range of fun and interesting tricks which we played on each other for the rest of the day. I still h
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  • STEAM Garden Project - Flexible Friday 3rd February

    Published 23/02/17

    Year 7 has been working hard to fundraise for their STEAM garden projects and managed to raise nearly £1000 as they carried out a sponsored Science and Maths Bee. All forms raised close to or above £100 with 7A raising £212 to spend on their garden plot. Well done to all of Year 7 and particularly Angelica  who spelt the most words correctly and Gracie who raised the most money - £48.50.


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  • English Flexible Friday 6th January

    Published 07/02/17

    Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie speaks of the danger of a single story. If we only read stories about people like us, how can we hope to understand people who are different? And if we only read stories about people who are different, how can we hope to understand ourselves? We must, Adichie says, read a range of stories if we want to make sense of ourselves, and our world.

    The World Stories Flexible Friday was born of this idea.


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  • Music Flexible Friday¬†2nd December

    Published 13/12/16
    On Friday 2nd December, the Music Department ran a Flexible Friday for Year 7 where they were given the opportunity to write their own original Christmas songs which they would perform at the Christmas Concert.  The Year 7s were aided by some of
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  • Don't Just Survive, Thrive - Flexible Friday 4th November

    Published 04/11/16
    Please see some inspiring motivational speeches from our Year 7 students below.  These were created on a  Flexible Friday on 4th November 2016.
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  • STEAM Garden Project - Flexible Friday 30th September

    Published 30/09/16

    Year 7 has been given an exciting opportunity to create a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) garden in the school grounds. This is a project that will continue throughout the year linking Science, Maths, Geography and Art together to create a STEAM themed Garden.

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