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STEAM Flexible Friday March 2018

Year 7’s ongoing STEAM Flexible Friday was one of our first ever off-curriculum days. It consisted of planning the Form’s garden layout and deciding on which flowers and vegetables to potentially grow. Meanwhile, in all of year 7’s Science classes, our teachers hosted a Spelling BEE to raise money for the gardens. Collectively, the Forms roughly raised £1000! Recently, we had another Flexible Friday which focused on planting and growing new crops for the plots. While they were doing this other groups were designing something to sell from their garden (e.g.: if they were growing carrots they could sell carrot cakes etc.).

STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. Without realising it, the year 7s have used their knowledge of all these subjects, as well as Business, Managing and Marketing. This Flexible Friday was an enjoyable, beneficial and useful day that tested all of our abilities from gardening to team building! We look forward to showing you all of our new and fresh garden designs and enticing you with our produce!

Monica S, 7E