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STEAM Garden Project - Flexible Friday 3rd February

Year 7 has been working hard to fundraise for their STEAM garden projects and managed to raise nearly £1000 as they carried out a sponsored Science and Maths Bee. All forms raised close to or above £100 with 7A raising £212 to spend on their garden plot. Well done to all of Year 7 and particularly Angelica  who spelt the most words correctly and Gracie who raised the most money - £48.50.


Phase two of the STEAM garden project took place on Friday 3rd February with each form working together to refine their winning designs. The weather was kind as following the rain which softened up the soil the Sun came out to help the Year 7 pupils to dig the ground for their plots and the garden has now begun to take shape.

Each form then worked together as a team to plant seeds, refine their designs and to create a scrapbook of the project. Every single form should be proud of the teamwork they demonstrated and are now keen to fundraise even further to create the designs they have chosen.

During phase three each form will start to add the soft and hard landscaping to their plots bringing the designs to life!