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Education Perfect Northern Championships 2016

The Education Perfect Language Championships finished on 17 November and the MFL Faculty and Head Teacher Ms Brierley are very proud of all the hard work that the students at Southend High School for Girls put in to ensure that the school finished in the top 3 schools in the competition.

103 schools took part in the Northern Hemisphere. Just over 400,000 points were earned in total by SHSG students; the school’s previous top score was 169,078 points. This time the school was top in German, Hebrew, Russian, Italian and Maori. Shuchishmita (Year 8) came top in school, followed by Donna (Year 9), Jessica B (Year 10), Amica (Year 9), Ekaterina (Year 8) and Jeny (Year 10). All six girls earned their Elite Awards (10,000 points or more). This is an incredible achievement and demonstrates a great deal of determination and resilience. It really is an elite club. Shuchishmita was 5th overall in the competition and was top in Russian in the Northern Hemisphere. The Gold Award winners numbered an incredible 68 students. They worked with real focus and put in many hours to earn their points, and every single one of them should be very proud of their achievements. The Silver, Bronze and Credit Award winners are also to be congratulated.

"As Language Champion 2016 for my school, I thoroughly enjoyed this competition. I learnt a range of international languages through practising the vocabulary, numeracy, grammar and spelling etc. This really was an exceptional event for all the competitors around the Northern Hemisphere. The real stretch and challenge I felt was the amount of limited hours you were able to utilise and earn points. In some parts of the world, the participants remained awake until the event was over at 6am and I can confirm myself as one of them, who stayed up until 6am on the final day of the event. However, in the end, I earned the highest award possible: elite, securing a score of 17,400, which was higher than the required score for an elite (10,000 points)." - Shuchishmita

"I just wanted to notify you that I have finally achieved my Gold (3000 points) on Language Perfect, and I just wanted to say thank you for pushing me to reach my potential as a linguist." - Esther We would thoroughly recommend the competition to other schools, primaries and secondaries. The next one (May 2017) is even tougher, with Australia and New Zealand onboard for the world championships. It was free to compete in the Northern Championships and the number of competitors for each school was unlimited.