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75% A*-B at A level - Well done Year 13

Year on year the students of Southend High School for Girls Sixth Form deliver excellent A level examination results.  Our exiting year 13 are no exception, with 75% of all results being A*, A or B grade.  Within this impressive headline are a number of other significantly important statistics.  This year group have continued the SHSG 100% A level pass rate for yet another year, 5 students gained entrance to Oxford/ Cambridge, 6 more into Medicine and one to a prestigious US University.  A significant number of students (23) performed incredibly to achieve an A or A* grade in each of their subjects, 3 students even achieved the ultimate academic accolade of A* grades in all of their subjects.  43% of all examinations taken were graded as A or A* and more than one third of all students were awarded an A* (the highest grade possible) in at least one of their subjects.  This illustrates something that we have known all along about this year group; that their success is shared across the whole student body and not just concentrated on a few stellar performances.  It also shows that our students can excel in any subject that they put their mind to with A*s being awarded in 21 different subjects.  Add in our EPQ results and the number of A*s and As grows even higher.

Inspired by the success of Science subjects last year the Arts have flourished this year at SHSG with 100% of English Language, English Literature and Language combined and Fine Art students gaining A*-B.  Other subjects achieving highly include English Literature, Media Studies, Music, Product Design and Sociology with over 80% of students in these subjects achieving A*-B.  This is an exceptional achievement for all of these students and members of staff. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students on their excellent results and wish them well as they continue their journey on to university or the world of work.  Many students will be heading toward Russell Group Universities to study courses ranging from Medicine to Engineering and from Japanese to Law and for a number of our students they will be the first generation in their family ever to attend a university!  This is a stunning achievement for those students.   These results are more than just letters on a page they tell the stories of the dedication, hard work and resilience of our students during their time with us.  Many have faced the worry of new specifications, linear examinations taken for the first time and some unbelievable personal challenges.  But, in SHSG fashion they have met these challenges with resolve and humility.  These results also exemplify the commitment, care and talent of our excellent teachers and so my heartfelt thanks is extended to our staff for everything that they have done this year. 

Academic grades alone do not guarantee anything in life and indeed my memories of this year group are as much about their kindness and compassion as it is about these letters on a page.  But what these grades do allow is for these young people to embark on a trajectory for their life that might not have been possible had theirs paths not crossed with SHSG Sixth Form.  I wish them the very best of luck and look forward to hearing stories of their successes long into the future.

Fiona Brierley, Headteacher