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On our way to reducing plastic waste

Last year, SHSG students used 61,000 items of plastic cutlery and 29,600 polystyrene or plastic boxes so that they could have takeaway meals from the canteen. All of this is single-use plastic. 

We all know the issue: single-use plastic is changing our environment and this issue concerns our students.
Consequently, the Green Group and School Council have been working together to find ways for the school to reduce its plastic waste. The Green Group started the initiative by speaking with Mr Williams in the Finance Office. 
He researched alternatives and costs; environmentally-friendly takeaway cutlery and boxes are more expensive. 

School Council then surveyed students to find out if they were willing to pay a little more for their lunches to help reduce single-use plastic consumption in school. A majority of students voted in favour of the change. So, we are on our way to making this important difference. Well done to the Green Group and School Council. A great

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