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Year 8 Amsterdam Trip

During the first week of the Easter holidays this year, we were part of a group of year 8 students that travelled to Amsterdam, Holland, as part of an educational science trip. Whilst there, we got to experience many extraordinary things, that we wouldn't usually be given the opportunity to. We visited the Space Expo museum in Noordwijk, an exhibition exploring the glorious wonders of space and the science that allowed the likes of Neil Armstrong to get there. We also went to the NEMO science museum, located in Oosterdok, a very interactive display, where we personally witnessed science at its finest and explored the practical side of it; we were "doing" rather than just reading or listening. Lastly, we visited the CORPUS museum, in Oegstgeest, where we physically took a journey through the human body, and covered subjects such as how we hear, see and taste etc. (our senses), how reproduction works and what makes each and every human unique.

 the last day of our trip, we made a quick visit to Zaanse Schans, a small cultural village in the north of Holland. It consists of a cheese factory, a bakery museum (and bakers), barns, workshops, wooden houses, a pewter foundry and windmills!  As a bonus, the youth hostel we stayed in was absolutely great and we were all able to settle down there with great comfort and ease. 

As a group, we want to especially thank the teachers for taking time out of their own break to bring us on this trip, and we hope that they enjoyed it as thoroughly as we did.

Yemisi O, Olivia D, Emma B, Emily D, Elizabeth A (Year 8)