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Global Young Leaders

My experience at the global young leaders conference was one that, as cliched as it might sound, was life changing. I visited Washington DC and New York and was able to explore monuments from United Nations headquarters to the US Department of State. The talks were not only eye opening but intriguing, especially the talk from a World Bank representative which has inspired me to research a career in that field further. However, in my opinion the most beneficial and enlightening experience for me was the full emersion into the multiplicity of cultures. I met people with completely contrasting personal beliefs and political opinions and I also met people from countries where our societies are so vastly different. Nevertheless, despite our differences and perhaps initial stereotypes we found allies and friends in each other as individuals and discovered we are not just defined by the place we come from. Not only did I receive the daily educational sessions where we drafted political policy proposals but I was offered a further leadership opportunity. After going through an interview process and writing an essay I was selected for the third highest position at the global summit which took place at the end of the camp. As a part of the leadership team I had the opportunity to address over one hundred people and organise the proceedings of the summit.

I will never be able to thank the school enough for providing me with the opportunity to attend this trip as I believe my outlook on our global relationships and cultural diplomacy will never be the same again. 

 Eleanor B, Year 12