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UKMT Mathematics Summer School

This summer I was given the opportunity to attend the 52nd UKMT mathematics summer school, run every year by UKMT, at Woodhouse Grove in Leeds. Every year a few students are given the chance to learn more about maths and meet other mathematicians from other schools. The experience was amazing - every day posed a different challenge from many areas of maths. We covered interesting topics such as induction, algorithms, proof and so many other areas that I had never encountered before.

However it wasn’t all work and no play. Between lessons there was a chance to socialise with the other kids and get to know people who I’d never have met otherwise. Many of us are still in contact with each other despite the distance between us. We were also taken bowling, which I am ashamed to say I lost both rounds, and had a movie night and a talent show. Overall I had a wonderful time and it has inspired me to continue studying maths for the rest of my education.

Isabella P, 11F