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Africa Day for Year 5s

On Saturday 18th March SHSG hosted once again a very successful primary outreach event. 66 girls from our catchment area primary schools, including Bournes Green, Thorpedene, Thorpe Greenways, St Mary’s and Milton Hall, attended a fantastic day of Art, History, Geography and English, all delivered with a focus on Africa.


The day started with some very excited, yet anxious girls arriving to an African influenced reception area where their parents duly signed them in before they were whisked away to the outskirts of Africa, (the hall) while waiting for their sessions to begin. During this time they discovered some interesting facts about Africa, including the size of the continent itself, the variety of languages spoken and the native animals it is home to including penguins which are known as spheniscus demersus! Before leaving the hall they learned how to say “Hello” in Arabic which is the most popular spoken language.

Our excellent senior prefect team lead our African tribes to their destinations; with some reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro by the time they got there, (climbing to the top of the tower is no mean feat!)

In English, the girls learned of African folklore and their session culminated in role-plays. In Art, they produced beautiful African inspired work using paints in a variety of colours. Geography helped to debunk some African stereotypes while in History the girls learned of Africa’s troubled past before designing packaging for their own brand of fair trade raisons. 

 The day was a huge success and the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. One girl even commented to me that she “never wants to leave”. It is fantastic to work more closely with our local primary schools in an effort to encourage those students to be the future students of SHSG and it is amazing and indeed a privilege to see the potential that each of them have even at such a young age. We have wonderful staff at SHSG, without whom events like this would not be possible. Thank you to everyone who took the time to help support, organise and run this day.

Mrs V Symes