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Münster Exchange

At the beginning of March, 28 girls in year 9 took part in the long established pupil exchange between

Southend High School for Girls and Annette von Droste-Hülshoff Gymnasium, Münster.


We spent the first weekend with our host families who we knew already as our partners had stayed with us in Southend the previous September and since then we have been avidly facetiming. We went to school on Monday with our partners and sat in various lessons. English was straightforward, but embarrassing as we had to take part. They don’t have interactive whiteboards like at SHSG so there was chalkdust everywhere. On Tuesday we had a guided tour of Münster and learnt a lot of history. We had a joint excursion with our partners to the famous Universum Science Museum in Bremen on Wednesday, then on Thursday we went to Cologne and climbed 450 steps to the top of the cathedral for a magnificent view of the city and the Rhine. After a brief shopping spree we were taken to the German Olympic Sport Museum for an active hands-on tour. After lessons on Friday we all went bowling, then said a tearful goodbye before departing later that evening. We all made the effort to speak lots of German and it’s amazing just how much we have improved. We are all going to keep in touch with our partners and meet up again sometime in the future.

Es lebe die Deutsch-Britische Freundschaft!