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Welcome to the Southend High School for Girls (virtual) Year 5 Open Evening 2020

Due to the current situation it has been necessary to cancel our Year 5 Open Evening usually held in July and we are unable to welcome visitors into our school. Key information about the school is available for prospective parents and carers on this page. 

Below, you will find below a welcome from Head Teacher Mr Carey, introductions to the curriculum and pastoral system from members of the Senior Leadership team and videos from students talking about their experiences at Southend High School for Girls.  Please click on the panels below to access the various video presentations.

We hope you enjoy finding out about our fantastic school and the Southend High School for Girls family ethos and look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.  Information about how to sign up for our planned open morning in October 2020 will be published here soon.  Our admissions policy for the academic year September 2021 can be found here.  Information about the 11+ can be found here on the CSSE website.

For all further enquiries please contact

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  • A welcome from the Headteacher Mr J Carey MEd (Cantab), NPQEL, LLE.

    Published 05/07/20

    Mr Carey, the Headteacher talks here about the values and ethos of Southend High School for Girls 

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  • An overview of the SHSG curriculum from Deputy Headteacher Mr L Boney.

    Published 04/07/20

    Mr Boney, the Deputy Headteacher, outlines the philosophy behind the curriculum at SHSG and provides an overview of Year 7 and beyond.

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  • An introduction to the Pastoral System from Assistant Headteacher and Specialist Leader in Education Mrs A Leman.

    Published 02/07/20

    Mrs Leman, Assistant Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead provides an overview of the Pastoral System and explain how your daughter will be supported in her journey through Southend High School for Girls.

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  • Our Experiences, by three of our Year 7 students

    Published 02/07/20

    Hear about the real life experiences of our current year 7 students.

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  • How Southend High School for Girls has shaped me, by two Year 13 students.

    Published 01/07/20

    Here two of our Year 13 students share their reflections on their 7 years at Southend High School for Girls, the opportunities they have had and the way it has prepared them for the future.

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