Assessment and Reporting

Assessment and Reporting

For Parents

Reporting and Assessment

At Southend High School for Girls, we believe that the main purpose and principles of assessment should:

  • inform student progress and plan the next steps in learning; it is the means by which teachers evaluate student progress and identify the needs of the students.
  • be diagnostic, formative and summative.
  • help students to engage more fully in their own learning.
  • be integral to effective curriculum delivery, helping to ensure that teaching is appropriate and targeted ensuring that learners make progress.
  • help parents to understand, and where appropriate, participate in their child’s educational journey.
  • not be the sole preserve of national tests and assessments.

The most effective school assessment systems are clear, consistent and coherent – and can be readily understood by students, staff and parents/carers.

For an explanation of our approach to assessment, reporting and recording at Southend High School for Girls, please watch the below short presentation:

Guide to marking and feedback

Assessment Reporting and Recording policy Statement

Guide to Summative Assessment reporting and recording