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English Flexible Friday 19th January 2018

Here is a link to the film made by METAL on the  year 7 English Flexible Friday on 19th January.

METAL and other local NPOs, as well ourselves involved in Artsmark, will be using it in future education campaigns about the value of creative education. Thank you to everyone involved in planning and delivering the day, as well as to all staff with their continued involvement in Artsmark and the World in One Place project.

Report on the day by Monica S, 7E

On Friday 19th January, Year 7 took part in a creative education day that included several different and unique workshops. Not only did they take place in school, but also at Metal in Chalkwell. Year 7 Flexible Fridays are always an amazing and enjoyable experience, but this Flexible Friday was certainly one to remember. The day, inspired by ‘World in One Place’, taught all 180 students one very important thing: everyone is special, creative and unique in their own way, no matter their culture. The day celebrated the diversity within our school and highlighted to us that we really do have the world in just one place.

The students were asked to research their culture and bring in the information they had discovered, preparing them for the tasks ahead. During the day, they experienced Music, Digital Art, Mask-making, Dancing, Zine-making and World Cuisine workshops. One of the most favoured workshops was World Cuisine- hosted by Mrs Taylor in Food Tech; older
students had kindly made the food, ready to be tasted. Year 7 got the chance to sample Empanadas from Spain, Spring Rolls from China, Whoopie Pies from America and Palmiers from France!

Another of the favourites, the Metal Digital Art workshop, allowed Year  7 to explore the world of their imagination. On the IPads provided, you could either make a painting (such as a selfie or a collage of photos from Google) that was relevant to your culture, or you could just experiment and let your imagination run wild. This exciting day ended with an assembly:  All the Forms got the chance to showcase one of the workshops to the rest of the year. While watching each Form perform, we all learnt that our imagination is just as important as our knowledge.

To find out more about the day, please visit

Many thanks to everybody involved in making this Flexible Friday possible.