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Poetry by Heart

Poetry by Heart

Andrew Motion, the poet laureate who co-founded the Poetry by Heart national competition, wrote - ‘learning a poem by heart’ places the poem at a central place in ourselves and makes it precious; it allows the poem to draw strength from the emotional batteries we carry everywhere inside us, and reboots them; it makes the poem a permanent fixture of our selves, so that its meanings change and develop as we grown. And as it does all these things, it combines ‘hard’ benefits (information, knowledge, even perhaps wisdom) with ‘soft’ things that matter just as much. Things like pleasure and fun and entertainment and entrancement.

Our competition was judged by Ms Wakeman, Mr Andrews and Victoria D (a previous winner).

Sila U won the overall competition with her recitation of Musée des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden The section winners were:

KS3 winner: Hanna KH, reciting Envy by Adelaide Anne Procter

WW1 showcase winner: Elyce C reciting Rain by Edward Thomas

Poetry by Heart Anthology winner: Mkiyah P reciting Lament of an Arawak Child by P Mordecai

Thank you to everyone who took part, including Mr Peugniez who recited Allegro Ma Non Troppo by Polish poet

W.Szymborska and Mr Andrew's The Christening by Simon Armitage.

"Organising Poetry by Heart was an experience we will never forget and we thoroughly enjoyed organising, presenting and performing in the event. To us, poetry is a heartfelt way of expressing yourself to others and. poems will stay with the reciter throughout their life. We were proud to be able to help share poetry by organising this competition. Truly an amazing night filled with amazing poems".

Sila U and Caitlin O Year 10